Feature Film In Development

Alice Marble, a three-time tennis world champion who at the time, defied the wishes of her longtime coach and left the sport in order to become an Allied spy, gathering intel on the Nazis that proved instrumental in the Nuremberg trials.

Produced by Jenny Halper, Celine Rattray, Trudie Styler, Susie Talbot
Written by Dale Leatherman, Derek Weissbein
Creative Consultant: Linda A Knoll
Production Company: Maven Pictures


Television Series In Development

FOURTH AND LONG GONE is a comedy about the mayhem, madness, and Machiavellian tactics used by NCAA championship-driven coaches.

Executive Producer: Terry Bradshaw


Television Series In Development

After getting accepted to Brooklyn College, ultra-sheltered and socially awkward eighteen-year-old Leah Masters convinces her cult leader parents, Rainey and Connor, to allow her to leave The Mountain compound with the promise that she will vigorously recruit new “Mountaineers” in New York.

Led by her life-long best friend, an ousted cult member Clarissa Duffer, Leah embarks on the adventure of her life. Putting recruiting on the back burner, she is forced to step out of her comfort zone to fully experience makeovers, hooking up and the New York college social scene.

As Leah adapts to life outside the cult, Connor and Rainey fight to secure the survival of The Mountain all the while, unbeknownst to them, FBI is investigating their entire operation.

Crumb Productions teams up with Brittony Productions to produce and create this hysterical comedy.

Consulting Producers: Marc Henry Johnson and Linda Knoll
Writers: Brittany Portman, Anthony Patellis
Director: Anthony Patellis